01 February 2012

# Love Bytes

Love Byte #1 - Love is an everyday expression ..

"If you love someone,you say it,you say it right there,out loud.
Otherwise the moment just passes you by. "
- My Best Friend's Wedding
This movie always gets me in way that's inexplicable .. maybe because when I thought I'd found the one , I chose to express it right then , right there , out loud ..or maybe because what would/could have happened if I'd waited for an opportune time ..

All I know now is that in every relationship that you share , love needs to be expressed - simple knowledge of this fact is never enough nor should it be an excuse ..
It might mean taking out that little extra time or putting in that extra effort but with the countless ways one can 
express love , methinks sometimes its way easier than just saying it .. not that you shouldn't say it .. infact you should say it a lot , you should say it everyday if you can..because words are not a substitute for expression..

but little things like a compliment , a smile , a phone call , a thoughtful gift , a thank you note , a miss you card , spending time , taking a walk , sending flowers , doing a favor , having coffee , a hug , a kiss and so many more go a long long way ..

because , no matter how small or big the act , it reaffirms and rejuvenates your love ..
because , no matter how small or big the act , people never forget how you've made them feel .. and every one of us ,more than we'd like to acknowledge , absolutely love being made to feel 'special ' .

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So go on , make someone feel special today ..make someone feel LOVED !!
and then do it as often as you can ..

Much love !

P.S - Love Byte #1 recall Gambler's Choice and A question of Love 


  1. I couldn't have said better myself with my broken English my dear! I love the list of little things we can do to show our affection! Keep them coming!

  2. I love what you wrote! Beautiful!

  3. @Claudia ..the list is just a few of the things - we can do so much and yet so little to show our love ..

    like this comment of yours is such an act of love and encouragement - and so needed .. thanks mi amiga :)

    @ siga ..thanks so much and welcome to my blog :)

  4. You writing these love bytes is such an adorable act of love ;)
    On Day 1 I wish you courage and content for all the love bytes to swim in to your head and flow out on the blog. Im so happy to be a part of all this..and I read it first thing in the morning today..made my day! Love you lots..

  5. Thank you Priya for being back..I so missed reading what you dished out and that too in such a delectable way...loved reading love byte 1...keep going.

  6. Priya, I'm so happy you've decided to do Love Bytes again this year! Yay! This is the perfect post to start off this love series! It allows us to ponder how love really is about the little things but showing our love, that's the essence of a loving relationship! :)

  7. @ Jassu ...Haha , I really wish it was that easy - in one way and out another but thanks all this motivation is good ..thanks <3

    @ Mom ..It seems like these love bytes have become the highlight of my blog ..so basically I had no choice but it makes me immensely happy ..
    Look fwd to your daily comments too ...

    @ Bella ..Totally dear and come to think of it sometimes we don't even need to put in the 'extra' - just the regular more than suffices !
    Thanks for the show of support ..xoxo


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