03 February 2012

# Love Bytes

Love Byte #3 - Love is seriously funny !

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Its not funny you know , I tell him , but before I get to finish my sentence the man is already laughing his head off ..

For as long as we've known each other , its been the same story - I've always been the scapegoat for all his jokes ... and now its gotten to a point where I'm so used to it that my day feels incomplete ..but this very same quality , of being able to make me laugh , against my will , even when I am at my angriest self is something I absolutely love ..

Everyday life is fraught with a dozen different responsibilities , commitments , obligations and if anything makes life easier its laughter , because as efficient as we maybe,  every once in a while , things go wrong and when they do , a sense of humor is magic , instantly softening even the worst kind of blow...and not only that , a sense of humor also helps change the mood and introduce an altogether different perspective , a point of view you were too busy to look at ..  because call me dramatic if you like but I've this uncanny ability to make a bad situation seem worse , like it was the end of the world or equivalent and if it weren't for his exaggerations of how dismal my life always gets , I would always be in the doldrums !!

But most significantly of all ,  laughter adds that extra zing to a relationship that makes it refreshing and everyday a tad bit more enjoyable ...or maybe not ..
Maybe, the most significant benefit would be the fact that laughter saves me from not punching his lights out or strangling him in his sleep ;) 


  1. Yes I agree, Love is seriously funny :)
    Especially the bit about how sometimes girls become so dramatic about a situation and how the guy just says something to make it look hilariously inconsequential..hate it as one may..such people are a real blessing..Im happy you have one in your life Priya :*

  2. Exactly, a sense of humor counters the angst and helps us take ourselves and others more lightly ;-)
    Better to laugh than punch out lights!

  3. @Jassu .. Reminds me of that song " I hate you like I love you " ..fits perfectly doesn't it :P
    and thanks :*

    @Debra ..and sometimes that's exactly what we need , to take things less seriously :)

  4. Yes men, have this ability to make laugh at us and laugh with us. Laughter is a great medicine!

  5. @ Claudia ..A great medicine and the only medicine that works wonders instantly , wouldn't you agree ?


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