02 February 2012

# Love Bytes

Love Byte #2 - Love is more chemistry than biology ;)

This might seem more like a continuation of the first love byte, actually in essence it is , except this is the R-rated version but then as I was penning it , I realized how important this expression of love is between a husband and a wife .. and how relatively easy it is to submit to the everyday realities of our mundane routine as we go about living each day..

Even more insane is the veritable fact that among discussions , the one significant phase of married life that stands out for each married couple, the one they remember with utmost fondness is the courting / honeymoon period ..
but why , what happened , what's changed ? 

I know, you know that love still holds the two of you together and you're proud of the life and your family, the home you've built together but what about the passion , the amorous kisses , the loving caresses .. 

I am no stranger to what I write , I've been married five years (dated the same guy for a decade - phewwwww !!) but then I've always wanted the spine tingling , earth shattering , would walk through fire for you love , 
the kind of love they show in movies ..  
the kind of love that leaves you breathless ..
the kind of love that feels way different because the passion the protagonists emote seems unreal  ...

but its not because its your choice  .. 
because a simple expression like kissing everyday can bring you closer , refueling the passion and reaffirming the commitment you made to each other on your wedding day..

and every once in a while as much as you can , kiss passionately , kiss with total abandon , like your spouse was your lover not someone who you're married to or someone who's the parent of your child ..kiss like there's no tomorrow .. because ..
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"Unless its mad , passionate , extraordinary love its a waste of your time . There are way too many mediocre things in your life ..LOVE shouldn't be one of them . " 
- Dream for an Insomniac 


  1. Bravo Priya! So well put. I wish all married people felt this way about each other.. no matter how old they were..there would be way more happier homes and happier families, coz for children there is nothing more re-affirming than the love their parents share.

  2. Absolutely , where there is abundant love , there is abundant happiness too ..
    and thanks babis for all the comment love :))

  3. yay for your love bites! I am back and everything cool. Passion!! that is what I am talking about!

  4. @ Claudia ..Good to all's well girl :) and I hear ya on the 'being passionate' bit .. loud and clear :D


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