31 January 2012

# Love Bytes

The tradition continues..

Its that time of the year again when love is in the air and love is in every post ..

Yup , Love Bytes is back lovies .. woooooot wooooooooot :)

And as elated as I am right now , would you believe it if I said I was every bit uncertain about doing it this year ..infact I was mulling over it up until this morning .. and to be honest with the kind of schedule I have right now , I was ( still am ) doubtful if I can do love bytes for all 29 days but then I decided why not ? I mean I started the tradition , I made up the rules and I can always bend them right .. so I promise you your daily dose of love up until Valentine's day and then we'll take it one day at a time ..

So don't forget and be back .. the excitement starts tomorrow !


  1. can't wait for your love bytes my dear! you can do it! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much my friend for the support .. I really needed it ..


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