05 February 2012

# Love Bytes

Love Byte#5 - Love is a many stupid thing..

Here's a cheeky illustration found on Pinterest titled  ' Valentine's day by the numbers ' by coolmaterial.com that captures the varied emotions in this season of love .. the silliness, the pain , the trauma , the excitement , the expenditure , the novelty , the commercialism , the thoughts ,  the results , the love , the alcohol , the sex , the regret and much more .. Love is indeed a many splendored  stupid thing ..

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I am curious , how do you celebrate Valentine's day - do you like the commercial way or the quiet , intimate way or do you not celebrate at all ..
I don't go all out on Valentine's day after all love isn't just about one day in the year ..still in the name of tradition I might give / receive roses and maybe give / definitely not receive a card ;) 

Speaking of flowers did you catch this Valentine's day - Teleflora Superbowl Commercial..


  1. That was interesting and funny...very true though that love isn't meant to be celebrated just one day in a year!

  2. Even if one says that Valentine's day is celebrated once a year..and one shouldn't make a big deal of it..and love should be on all days, but I feel its kinda special that an entire day was dedicated to it. Although Ive never 'celebrated' Valentine's Day. Im sure it feels special to be make someone/made felt special.

  3. Way too funny my friend! I am not big on Valentine's either! A kiss on each cheek, muah muah! life goes on.

  4. @ Mom ..Thanks and yes I agree , love should be an everyday affair !

    @ Jassu ..Well , I am hoping this year both your Valentine and Valentine's day have that extra bit of love you've been waiting for ;)

    P.S - I want details on how special it was ..ok :P

    @ Claudia ..you bet my friend ;)

  5. this was good one! Thanks for sharing, it made my day!!! :)))

  6. It was so sweet, although short. Coz Valentine's was on a weekday..bt nevertheless.. it amazes me..as to how when u least expect smthing..and are going thru a regular day..that all of a sudden the day turns out to be one of the sweetest ever spent :)
    we should skype my love!


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