20 January 2010

Reign Over Me

It was just another rainy day ,
he and I were whiling time away ..
I was desperate and ached to say I love u a lot,
I cudnt make up my mind , should I or should I not..
Then I thought I'd rather have my best friend,
than confess my love and bring it to an end.

The rain fell harder,it soaked my hair ,
I couldnt make up my mind ,I dint care..
He jumped wid joy and said I love the rain,
I smiled at him tryin hard to hide the pain..
Suddenly I knew , I think I was sure,
I definitely cudnt pretend , no, not any more..
I got up , I had to say goodbye,
I think he understood , he dint ask me why ?
I shook his hand ,I could not believe,
He was letting me go , I dint want to leave..
I knew he thought I was stupid and dumb,
for acting like this and feeling so numb.

And then he slipped his hand around my waist,
pulled me close and said make no haste..
I dint know what he meant but I held on tight,
he looked at me and laughed at my plight..
He said I know you think this aint true,
but Baby, My darling I love you and will always do.

I stepped back to look into his eyes,
I wanted to make sure it was the truth and no lies..
He called me 'Beautiful' and caressed my cheek,
I could take it no longer , my knees felt weak..
He moved his lips closer to mine and I lost all control,
My body was trembling..love was taking its toll..
It was still raining and in the rain we kissed,
You bet it was a moment neither wanted to miss.

Never again will i say it was just another rainy day
I had found my love , my love was here to stay..


  1. "Can romance begun with a kiss
    Conclude in a lifetime of bliss"

    Reminds me of our first rain rendezvous .. marvelously put together..

  2. And she does it yet again!
    Hats off..'Beautiful'

  3. Sorry sis.,i can't comment on this blog coz nothing can be said about such a lovely poem written by a lovely person..... i can only read and read and read........

  4. kya baat hai bhai...
    kya baat hai...
    kaafi romantic shomantic ho gayi aap toh...

  5. OMG!!! This is the best poem I have ever read sweetie. I got goosebumps after reading it.
    ::bows down:: You are genius!!!

  6. absolutely mind blowing....very pretty and very romantic...

  7. @Hubby ..Thnk u sooo much sweetheart..ur no doubt my biggest inspiration...I love you Baby... Muaaaaaaaaaaah !!

    @Jess ..Thnks babis ..Me happy u liked it :))

    @Bhai .." Tohfaa kabool karo " ..kahan hai mera tohfaa kaneez :P :D

    @Sneha ..dhanyawaad hai bhai..

    @Nandu .. Awwwwww thnks babes *blushin* ..Im no genius bt yeah m preening for sure :P :P

    @Priyanka ..thnk u ..now i kno ur reading my posts :P :D


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