13 January 2010

Nanha Munna Rahi hoon.

Wondering what 7 lacs for 26th Jan means ..? Well it all started with a tweet and then i read this blog and then i went to facebook and i surfed and so on ..those details aint really necessary ..

What is important is that this is a great initiative and i hope it excites you as much as it excited me ..Its called Nanha Munha Rahi hoon and its a fundraiser event hosted by School=Lunch a non profit organisation with a passion to feed children .
Every day they feed 6,60,000 underprivileged children one hot meal at the municipal school that these children study in , one of the sole reasons their parents send them to school ..
This one hot meal is probably the only nutritious meal that these children get in a day , its probably what brings the child to school everyday ..
And all it costs is just Rs 700 for one whole year ..

And thats what the initiative hopes to achieve ..To get a thousand people to contribute Rs 700 in the next 12 days.. Collectively this amount will give another thousand children the opportunity to come to school this year ..

Wudnt you like to be the reason for helping feed a child ?Wudnt you like to make a difference ?
If your answer is in the affirmative then there's no better time to start than now because there is no greater joy than the joy of giving ..
So spread the word, talk to your family and friends , get your colleagues on board and help contribute.. Help feed a child .. i just did :)

P.S For more info on the event and how to donate,you can click here.
You can even visit their website www.middaymeal.com.


  1. hii Priya

    wow i dint know abt this initiative..you know i seriously hope theses guys do justice to the cause..we always have brilliant ideas,execution mein gadbad ho jaati hai !!

    and oh mansi is my soul sister i guess!! and m glad i got another friend..

    will be visiting your blog again :)

  2. @ Sulagna ..Thanks dear and you are welcome to my blog absolutely anytime :)

    This initiative is def applaudable ..which is why im doin my bit too ..tryin to reach as many ppl as i can ..hopefully together we can contribute , collect more than the targeted 7 lacs and make a difference :)

  3. I'm def goin to let my people knw about it.. This is a fantastic effort :) thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks Aditi ..i heard abt this frm a blogger friend and m sharing with as many ppl i can ..please feel free to do the same ..Infact the more ppl v can get to contribute the more successful the initiative :)
    Cheers .. :)

  5. Charity begins at home(ignore if written wrong)so sis kindly send me a cheque of 2000$ so that i can have a my lunch in TGIF tomorrow.....
    jokes apart but i am already attached with this kind of efforts made by NGO's and would lov 2 help these kind of people....
    nyways thanks for suggesting this...

  6. Thnks Bro ..One should think of giving as a privilege and not out of compulsion . Life has given us so much and its really a gift to be able to help and bring a smile to those we can ..


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