18 January 2010

Timeless Moments .

They say even after all the advances in the world of medicine, there's still no cure for the common birthday... Well i say, common or uncommon who cares as long as its a memorable birthday..and so it was for me..A memorable birthday after all ....

So birthday celebrations begun precisely at 12.00am IST only to come to a standstill at 12.00am PST,
and more people wished me a day before my birthday than on my special day,
that i was in the States wasnt exactly a feat so tall ..
So yeah i wanted to be back home , but it was a memorable birthday after all :)

So one friend called me while she was half asleep..
Another friend cared more ,so he called me while i was still asleep ..
And if that wasnt enough my best friend wished me and fell asleep :D
that i was on the fone was a concern albeit small :O
So yeah my friends are kinda crazy , but it was a memorable birthday after all :)

So my loving sister dint get me nething coz she thinks i have everything :(
And another caring friend bought me something that she refrained from sending :O
that they loved me a lot is the only message aka present i got :P
So yeah they gave me no gifts but it was a memorable birthday after all .:)

So my darling Hubby got me a dozen red roses a day before :)
And if that wasnt sweet , he arranged for two dozen more to sweep me off my feet :D
that he was getting me a pastry instead of a cake , was a real promise and not fake ...
So yeah i got 3 dozen roses and no cake , but it was a memorable birthday after all :))

So we went to our favorite restaurant to eat Chinese food :)
So we drank and ate and enjoyed the ambience which was good ..
that i forgot to carry my camera kinda ruined my mood :(
So yeah no pics to upload but it was a memorable birthday after all :))

So i guess ive turned a year older or wiser ..thats what they say
and thats pretty much the story of my special day ..
that im smiling as i recount the events is exactly hows its meant
So yeah thats how it was and it was a memorable birthday after all !!
:D :D


  1. Awwww :) :) This is *so* sweet and funny dearie!!!! Loved it, totally :) :) *muuahhhh*

    - Gattu Singh

  2. Thanks Osho baba or mayb Osho baby ;)
    Me glad u liked it :)
    Btw the comment was pretty quik too ...me liked it even more ..looks like someone is keeping quite busy wid everything at work other than work itself ..heheheheh... Muaaaaaaaaaah !!

  3. wow... i absolutely, awesomely loved it!!! :))

  4. Thanks my sweet sistaaaah ..
    Love ya * Muaaaaaaaaaaaaah *

  5. So nicely put..loved it!
    The fact that the camera wasn't there once again proves that the best things are always captured best in the heart/mind..
    Glad you had a great b'day sweetheart..you always and truly deserve it :*

  6. so wat if ur best frd. wished u and fell asleep....sharif bacche jaldi so jaate hain aur der se uthte hain.....
    so u had loads of fun with a pastry....u should have got the enlarge potocopy of the pastry....
    koi nahin next time when u will be in india we all will gift u a big photocopy....
    baaki to u know what i want to say...ha haha ha

  7. @ Jess ..thats wat u said ..it was too heavy to send :P :P ..neways always love and appreciate your lovely comments *hugs*
    P.S ..i hvnt given up on my gift :P :D

    @ Bhai ..Bachche karne ki umar aa gayi aur apne aap ko bachcha bol rahe ho :P :P ...As fr sleeping early well now i kno d reason and i also kno u dont want me to mention it here :P :P..

  8. Who asked you to give up...it awaits you..im sure you await it too :)

  9. Nope,i dont await it nemore ..Mayb next year ..an early birthday gift :P


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