22 January 2010

Love's Labour Lost

It was just another rainy day ,
To him , i had nothing left to say ..

Its the truth he said, i did nothing wrong ,
I knew it was just lies all along..

If it only was , just this one time,
I was a fool to think our love was sublime..

I wish he told me he loved me no more,
he ruined everything ,all that was pure..

How could he do this to me , i was his wife ?
he knew not , he had scarred me for life..

I wish it was just me , I'd pretend i dint care,
but to our little child , this wasnt fair..

He was all i ever wanted ,I wish this wasnt the end,
but nothing he said now, could undo or amend..

I had to move on, I knew i was scared,
he no longer deserved, the love or life we shared..

Never again i would say,it was just another rainy day,
Love had betrayed me and Life led me astray..


  1. Ouch!!!
    After reign over me..this is like a bolt from the blue..the bitterness has been effectively conveyed.
    And now we have a poetess amongst us..Bravo Darings!

  2. I kno this was quite the opposite ..bt dats precisely wat i wanted to do ..Start the poem wid d same sentence and take it in a completely diff direction ..I guess it worked :))
    and as for your compliments Merci Beaucoup :)

  3. je vous en prie madame..toujours!!

  4. c'est si doux madame..
    je t'aime !!

  5. dude...
    you cant do this...
    first the ecstasy of love then this...
    not fair...

  6. It was written to elicit precisely the response you're giving me :P ..Objective achieved ..Yayyyyyy !!!
    Thnks Saaaneha :P :)) *hugs*

  7. i know... :))
    from one writer to another ;)

  8. Speaking of which ..when do i get to read your second post ..its been a while ..wat says ?

  9. wow gilr..this was heartbreaking...so true with soem one i know of ...cross my heart, this shouldnt happen to anybody at all!! at all!!

  10. so sad ! :( such a good poem , woven with simplest words yet having such profound meaning ..

  11. @ Sulagna ..Thnks dear and yeah i agree with you.. i hope it never happens to neone be it a friend or foe !!

    @adreamygal ..hey,welcm to my space and thanks so much for ur compliment :)
    I hope ill keep ya comin back fr more :))

  12. @ Soumaya ..Awwwwwww * hugs * *hugs *


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