21 January 2012

# Movies

The Salt of Life ..

Some of my favorite weekends with the husband are the ones we spend watching movies and this new Italian movie The Salt of Life by Gianni Di Gregorio looks every bit as charming and funny as the award winning Mid August Lunch of which this is , a follow up .. 
It has a limited release here in the US but I am really looking forward to watching it when it releases on March 9th here in LA ..

Are you looking forward to any particular movie ? and what's your favorite kind of weekend ?
Much Love and have a relaxing weekend !


  1. Oh dear Priya! my husband wants to see blood and zombies on movies *sigh...Sophia enjoys watching chick flicks with me so that's good!

  2. Oh Clau..I so hear you !!
    and that said , I confess every single time we have these movie weekends I almost always end up watching movies that I wouldn't particularly choose if given the choice , but then like the hubs says if I were left to my antics - I would always choose sappy movies or chick flicks or rom coms :D

    and that my friend is 100% true ;)

  3. Priya, you always point us in the direction of good movies! I hadn't heard of this movie until today but not my curiosity is piqued for the first part! I will definitely check it out since I think foreign films, especially the Spanish and Italian, rock! Thanks, lady! :)

  4. Anytime Bella :)
    Btw the Salt of life was released in your part of the world last year so I am assuming you'll be able to grab a copy of it and do watch Mid August Lunch too .. its hilarious !


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