22 December 2010

Oh! how I love the rainy days ..

The rain against my window brings back memories galore
Of crazy times spent together and more..
Never a care in the world , no sore
I've always loved you baby, you I still adore ..

Oh how I love the rain and how it brings out the poet or poetess in me ;) Remember this poem ? It ranks as one of my best ones, so says hubs :D and I agree too ..

On a serious note, it has been raining incessantly and its crazy, yet amidst this craziness I am glad I’ve still somehow managed to mail all my cards.. and as I wrote my cards this year I thought this is one of those many hundred things I want to pass on , teach my children someday in the future ..Christmas after all is all about family, love and relationships ..wouldn’t you agree ?

Two more days to Christmas !!!


  1. What a sweet and lovely poem.
    I love the rainy days too.
    I love sitting by my window watching the rain falling down...
    Glad you managed to send your Xmas cards.

    Have a wonderful Holiday!

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  2. Yes, I ABSOLUTELY agree! I stumbled upon your blog on Katie's Hug & Love Blog Hop & you speak my language: POETRY! :)

    Link to my blog: http://www.randomlyspeakingpoeticallythinking.com/

  3. Rainy days are what I call the best therapeutic tool available that is free of cost. I especially love it when it rains at night since it helps me sleep. Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Love your blog's set up! Nice!

  4. Although I don't like rains much.. But there are some kinds of rainy times that do make you poetic..
    I agree the poem is beautiful, short and apt :)

  5. @ Betty ..Thanks so much ..hope you're enjoying them too ..

    @ Sara ..Thanks for such a lovely comment and I'll drop in soon ..I hope you're enjoying the holidays too !

    @ Bella ..Thanks and you're welcome :)

    @ Jassu ..Glad u like it :)


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