25 May 2010

# Friendship # Happy Mail

All is well that ends well :D

Most of Saturday this weekend was in bed for me ..it was one of those days when you wake up with a headache and nothing sucks more than falling sick on a weekend !!
But Sunday saw us heading to the movie theatre to watch one of the most ' ridonkulous ' and awaited movies ..
and it wasnt in the least bit a ' cat-astrophe ' ..If you've watched the movie you surely know what I mean and didn't you just love it ?I thought that it couldnt be a more happy ever after ending and goodbye than this ..but I do wish this wasnt the last chapter ..

And then came Monday ..when I received my accessory swaps package from the lovely Karina @Peace,love and cupcakes and my ..oh my did she send me some wonderful stuff ..Im going to dedicate a whole post to it ..so you'll have to wait for that but here's a little thank you note for Kary in the meanwhile :P
hahahahaha ..no sooner I saw this one I knew I had to share it :D :D ..
But this next one says it perfectly ..
all pictures via we ♥ it
So Thank you , my friend and I have something to give too coz I believe one good deed always begets another..


  1. You were sick on Saturday?..worst day to be sick :(
    Hope ure good now. And I too want to see Shrek..hoping to find time..hoping!

    PS: Thanks for not giving away any part of teh movie ;-)
    Love you!

  2. I know better than that ..am sure you will enjoy it and do make time and watch it !! xoxo

  3. Oh!!!! I'm so happy that you loved everything I sent you ; ). It was so exciting to shop for goodies for you. There is no need to send me anything, i'm just super happy you loved everything. My gift from this whole swap was our friendship, I feel blessed to have found a new friend in life ; ) Thank you sweetie for posting this sweet post ; ). P. S. I really love the first Card, I will send you some sweet mail soon ; ). - Kary XOXO. Ahhh.. Almost forgot to mention we still haven't had the chance to see the last installment of Shrek ; (


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