27 May 2010

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Thursday Thoughts # A Tale of Three Sisters

"If you dont understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time then you were probably an only child."

~ Linda Sunshine ~


  1. Hi following you from New Friend Friday! Hope you have a great weekend, please follow my blog too http://beadsandmorebylois.blogspot.com/ Thanks x Lois x

  2. Happy FRIDAY!
    Im a new follower
    hope you have an awesome weekend

  3. I wasnt the only child..but I also never had a sister..
    Glad to have been blessed with friends like you who have become family :-)

    But I was looking frwrd to more writing about "the tale of three sisters"..
    Im sure you have smthin' up ur sleeve!

  4. Lol , yes it's a thin line between love and hate ; D. There maybe times when you can't stand each other but no matter what you are always their for one another. I love my Lilo ( Nickname for my sister from Lilo & Stitch )

  5. P.S. Beautiful picture so much harmny and love ; )

  6. I am following you from Friday Follow;-)

    Jeanette Huston

  7. well, I was raised with 2 elder sisters!!! and yes , there have been times when I wanted to wring their necks and am sure they felt the same on countless ocassions ;) but yes , we are what we are because of our sisters especially elder ones..I know I am..I am blessed to have 3 mothers :)

  8. Absolutely true...I love my sister dearly but sometimes I would love to slap her. LOL

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments :)

    @ Jess ..i have lots up my sleeve ..and shall write abt it too ..xoxo

    @ Kary ..thnks dear and yeah i completely agree.. its a thin line ..well put :) xoxo

    @ Thnks Preeti and who knows better than you ..we're sailing in the same boat :)

    @ Joanie ..absolutely !!
    And how've u been ..long time ?


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