18 May 2010

# Forgiveness # Friendship

Ain't No Mountain High Enough ..

"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend." said William Blake ..
and its happened to everyone of us , at one point in time or another ..when we've fought with our best friends ..and dealt with the issue of to forgive or not to forgive ..

What troubles me most is the word ' friends ' here coz when i say friends , shouldnt it mean that fights should be easier to deal with and probably get over with quicker than when you fought / argued with a stranger ??

Atleast i thought so ..
Sadly , the reality differs..and the reality is that when a friend hurts you, your primal instinct is to shield and protect yourself and this instinct makes communicating difficult thereby making it harder to patch up problems and skewering the closest of friendships..

Whoever said friendship was not complicated was highly mistaken coz I think im finally beginning to comprehend the difference between friends and friendship ...Its the making friends part that is easy, Friendship is hard and keeping that connection strong and resilient during the natural ups and downs that affect almost all relationships can sometimes take more than you were willing to partake with , resulting more often than not in disappointment..

And while id like to believe im equipped and capable of handling disappointment , i sometimes am not ...but as quoted by Eileen Kennedy Moore in the book ' The Unwritten Rules of Friendship '
"Rigid beliefs make disappointments seem unbearable, whereas realistic beliefs help us to accept disappointment and go on from there."

and i have moved on ..


  1. The William Blake quote is so profound.

  2. ..i have moved on.

    You have moved on..?
    Now.. that's one terribly unfortunate friend!

    Glad its not me..and the song "aint no mountain"..super fav!
    As far as moving on from friendship to being friends is hard. I know coz ive done it too, but at times its the only way out.
    But what gladdens the heart is that there will always be some with whom "friendship" survives :-)

  3. @ Ken ..it is indeed !

    @ Jess ..there will indeed always be some with whom "friendship" survives :) ..you just know what to write don't you ..
    I <3 you !!

  4. you know sometimes it important for us to see beyond, there are people beyond whom life has to move on., thats wen friends like us are gonna be here for you..cheer up sweety..


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