24 September 2010

# Friendship # Swaps

Strangers are just friends waiting to happen...

Back in April this year , I had hosted a magnet swap and even though the swap wasn’t quite the raging success I’d hoped it would be , it wasn’t quite the disaster either ;) reason being I met a very special person Karina @ Peacelovecupcakeshappiness or Kary as I call her.. She was new to blogosphere and had just started her own blog.. Well, the swap led us to exchange mails and we became friends in no time.. Whoever would have thought that someone I had never met, I could end up sharing so much in common but it was real almost surreal..

Anyways while we were laughing on all the similarities we shared particularly the goofy ones, little did I know that she was also my partner in the Accessory swap that I participated in and I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you she spoilt me , the absolute lovely accessories she sent me , the anklet , the earrings , the letter , the handbag and more .. I know all the goodness she sent my way deserved a blog post that I never got down to doing ..tsk tsk L but she literally made my day or days is more like it .. and therefore I must absolutely share this with you ..

Her lil partner in crime Miguelito recently turned 7 and here’s a little something special I sent him ..

but what made it even more special is this ..his sheer delight and joy as he unwraps each of his presents ..I had asked Kary to take some pictures so I could see for myself and she did a fabulous job coz it felt like I was right there watching him live .. and while you can check out all the photos here , on her blog , I’ll share a few favorites ..

I hope I’ve got you smiling too ..Have a great weekend J


  1. ya those pics sure did bring a smile to my face.cheers to karys and ur friendship.

  2. You are so lucky to have met such a great friend through blogging. And she's lucky to have met you, as well.

    Love these photos..that cute little guy looks like enjoying your presents and having real fun.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!

    Have a great weekend!

    B x

  3. That is so nice that you made such a great friend through bloggy-world. :) Thanks for following, I am following you back now too!


  4. Oh! Mi querida amiga - I feel so lucky and blessed to have met you, I feel as if we've been friends forever - so many things in common. This post brought tears of happiness! Luv ya lots my dear friend!!! P.S. I loved your magnet swap! When's your next swap? ; D We still have ours due???

  5. Hi there - thanks for following my blog. I am following you now too.

    Love this post. It is so true that you can make great friends via the internet.

    Those photos put a huge smile on my face. He looks so happy.

    Have a good night.



  6. What a sweet post. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm gonna be following now.


  7. Lovely - nothing like making a child happy. I scooted over to Karina's blog and am following her too! Thanks for the lead :)

  8. aww.. There's nothing more pure than a child's delight!
    The pictures sure made my day :)
    God bless your friendship..great going!

  9. You are absolutely without a doubt one of the sweetest people I have ever met online. You're one of a kind Priyah!

  10. @ Mom ..Glad it did :)

    @ Betty ..hahahaha ..yes he loves his presents and that makes me a happy gal :)

    @ Petra ..welcome to le blog !

    @ Kary ..Thank you to you too my dear and yeah have thought of a swap ..will tell you more in my email ..xoxo

    @ Nina's Mama ..Aint a child's smile precious ?

    @ MAK-now ..thanks and I welcome you

    @ Corinne ..you're welcome :)

    @ Jess ..Absolutely agree and yes glad they brightened your day ..
    Mucho amor

    @ Joanie.. * blushing * thats v.sweet and kind of you my friend and i cant wait to post a pic of Lola either when she fits into what I sent ..but am patiently waiting ..love to you girl


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