27 September 2010

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Movie Mondays- The Town has a Sicko on Wall Street ..

"I am in love with someone who loves someone else .."

Appalling as it may seem , I assure you this line is not from a movie , infact quite the truth .. But "what am I going to do ?" perhaps maybe the question on your mind .. How should I take it ? Accept it , make peace with it ? or share it by blogging about it ? …Well, I know for sure I surrendered a long time ago , and made my peace some time ago ..so the only viable thing to do now is blog about it ..

So friends, Romans and Country men ,with great pleasure I announce that my hubs is a certified cinephile and I dedicate this segment " Movie Mondays" in honor of his craziness and passion for films.Starting today and hopefully every Monday be back to read reviews about the movie/s I thought I would watch , movie/s he thought he was watching and which we eventually did ;)

Disclaimer-This will have old movies and new, English movies or Hindi, a trailer and sometimes a spoiler, most importantly its my own, sometimes our, take on the movie.. so just in case you disagree , I wanted to be sure I warned you !

Not always in order of box office collections,

Essentially a heist film, this skillfully made crime flick ranks as my favorite this week.. What intrigued me most was what Ben Affleck revealed in one of his interviews, ‘that the actors and production crew went to visit former bank robbers and the FBI to explore the mindset of the characters they had to portray onscreen’ and this, his meticulous research is apparent in the entire movie..The movie is gripping and tense.. Ben’s direction is flawless and his performance stellar , not to mention Jeremy Runner who I quite liked in the movie and who pretty much steals every scene he’s in as the no holds barred hot headed thug .. Infact almost all the supporting cast has done its bit with their engaging performances and contributed to making this gut wrenching movie well worth your cinematic buck :)

My rating – 4/5

A documentary by Michael Moore on the failing health care system in America.. Even if you are aware of how decrepit the system is and waiting for a change that would someday come , this movie is still a worth a dekko..albeit the horror stories from the American health care system in which people die or are refused treatment are not pleasant to watch or for the fainthearted and the comparison to the system in France, Canada, England or even Cuba too good to be true but the fact that the movie provides a platform for dialogue about an issue that’s been politicized and ignored for too long is reason enough that you owe it to yourself to watch the movie and be your own judge..

My rating – 3/5

For me, this movie did not quite live up to the hype it created ..Infact to quote one of the reviews I read on the internet it said " Money may never sleep, but if you watch this in a comfy chair , there’s a good chance you will " .. OK, maybe the review was a little too harsh , and everyone from the wiser now mellower Gordon Gecko / MD to the Life after Transformers Shia Lebouf, from Josh Brolin to Carey Mulligan, has given solid acting performances but even then , it did not work for me.. or maybe it did coz it makes me wanna go watch the original ;) :P

My rating - 2.5/5


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    Love movies, especially independent film! It's great that you're reviewing them.

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