16 August 2010

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I found you ...Again !!

Woke up Sunday morning to this comment from my sister and that sort of got me smiling and thinking.. I particularly got stuck with this one word in particular -"reacquainted".. to reacquaint oneself means to familiarize oneself anew ..
Strange isn't it ? My sister is someone who's known me all my life.. why use the word reacquaint then ?? but in a weird way what she wrote made absolute sense.. b'coz its true... As long as you're living with your sibling under one roof ..there's time for everything except talking ..and I mean talking , not "Why have you worn my sweater ?" , "I want my earrings back !!" , "I hate you !!" , "Mom , its her turn to do the dishes" etc.. Back then, even sharing a bedroom doesn't seem to make things any easier, coz each sibling is more worried about the fact that the other has access, easy access to her stuff.. Whispering/ Giggling after being forced to turn the lights off may be one of the few joys that you cherish and the fact that you've managed to collect a whole
repertoire of funny stories , family jokes on the way to growing up too..but then marriage , work , studies take you on different paths ..and life moves on in different directions ..

And thats when relationships begin to change ..because even though you may not have let go off each other but you let loose ..Amy E Dean says,
"Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new..”

And that perhaps , is true for all kinds of relationships too , not just between siblings ..because every relationship needs to be nurtured from time to time ..and quite often , stuck in the rut of daily chores and busy lives , one forgets to do exactly that .." make time " !!
Being a good spouse , parent , sibling , friend everything takes work so make that time today and promise to make time for every relationship that matters as often as you can.. a phone call , a message , a letter , snail mail ..anything ..
After all , its the thought " that you thought " that matters :)


  1. Often what u write brings tears to my eyes Priya.Wht uve written makes so much sense.This past month and all that u did together will be memories you will both cherish for a lifetime...

  2. Thanks for sharing and I love the kitty picture!

  3. So very true! I need to get back with nurturing the relationships with my blogging friends. I have missed you! A new baby takes up so much time!

  4. @ Mom ..You betcha ..we both had the most awesomest time ever and hopefully this is just the beginning !!!

    @ Ken ..You're welcome and thanks for dropping in too :)

    @ Joanie ..I've missed you too but I don't blame you ..Lola is adorable i keep checking to see if you've uploaded any more pictures of her ..

  5. 'tis true what aunty says.. it does bring tears to the eyes, not necessarily sad ones, but out of realization that yes this is correct and ought to be done..
    Well said Priya, keep it coming.
    Love you millions :))

  6. Thanks J ..i hope you'll always make time for me ..post Australia too ;)

  7. What a timely post. :) Was just thinking about my own sweet sister this afternoon! Thanks for the visit today. :)

  8. @ Amanda ..You're most welcome and I've missed reading your posts too !!

  9. If you want to keep your relationships you definitely have to work on them. It's so true. Even though it can be pretty hard sometimes, it's worth it in order to maintain friendships, family relationships, and especially the ones with your significant other.


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