12 August 2010

# Family # Sisters

Hasta Luego :)

Its been a month since I updated anything at all here ..I did not even get to post the pictures I promised for Day 2 and even though I feel a tad bit guilty, I also shamelessly accept I din't seem to mind 'not' blogging at all coz if you've been following , well you know my sister had come to visit me for a month and naturally so, life for me has been busy and good this past month ..or should i say its been better ..
But like all good things come to an end , the joy ride ended and my sister finally went back this Monday ..and boy have i been down in the dumps ever since.. Infact I dont think I've ever missed my sibling so much but the truth also is that I dont think we've ever enjoyed each other's company more than we did now ..and noooo that in no way indicates we're the'perfect' sisters or that it was all happy go lucky all the time ..It was more like this quote of Pam Brown ..she says " Sisters annoy, interfere, criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks.Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom.Are always underfoot .." and we were all that and more ...chatting endlessly , watching back to back movies , sipping on cocktails in the middle of the day ,snacking at midnight , doing chores together , laughing hysterically , trading wardrobes , shopping like maniacs ..add to this fighting and arguing , even sulking a while but thats what sisterhood is all about ..
Aptly worded by Amy Li , " Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there ;) "
So this one's especially for you my sistah .. Thank you , for being there , for being a special part of my life and for giving me special memories, we both shall treasure .. I miss you and till we meet again !!


  1. Envious I feel whenever I realize I have never had sister-sister moments!

    Joyous I feel, 'coz now I may have the chance to have them with you..
    And my soul sister.. the one you dedicate this post to.

    Friends by chance, sisters by choice!
    Thats us..right darings?

  2. waaaat is this... you want to make me cry... well u succeeded..
    thanks sis... i love you... i know things havent always been hunky dory for us but i am glad i visited you guys and got reacquainted with my big sister...
    i had a great time :)

    @jassu- i was going to say the exact thing which u've mentioned in the last line of ur comment..
    sisters by choice.. love you my soul sister

  3. @ Jaspal ..Awwww...yes yes ..we are sisters and by choice :)

    @ Saaneha ..I love you too and more than that i miss you ..no one to make rotis or cut onions ..no one to delegate work to :P :D

  4. I love you both so much..mwaaahh :))
    UFF.. so much love!!

  5. @ Jassu .. After yesterday's conversation you should have written " Sahab , nahi hota mere se ..itna pyaar ..nahi hota mere se "
    Hahahahahhaha .. Rofl !

  6. Saab.. apka comment saab!!...
    Nahi hota merese.. kitna taang kheechtey tum!

  7. tum yeh nahi dekhte ki kitna mazaa aata sahab :P


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