18 August 2010

# 100th post # Birthday Celebrations

100th Post ..

To all who read , its with great pleasure and pride that I announce that this is my 100th post and I'm positively stoked ..This couldnt' have happened at a more opportune time as Sat the 21st of Aug is my first blog-o-versary..Yes, my blog will officially be 1 year old :)
It took me quite some time to get here but its been one helluva roller coaster ride from " Writing , you mean blogging , who me ?? " to " Hmm ..I can give it a try " to " I think I'm getting good at this ;) " to " I am having fun with this :) "

The ride has had its share of disappointments and frustrations too , like this never-ending phase when after coercing as many people as I could , the no. of followers seemed to have gotten stuck at 14, for what seemed like forever..then this time when life seemed to have been reduced to this wretched obsession with blog stats ..the no. of clicks/ hits i had , the no. of followers , the no. of comments.. Is anyone reading my blog at all ?? Gosh I should stop writing !!

But despite it all, its been a rewarding journey and one I've thoroughly enjoyed.. And while this does call for a celebration, I'd also like to use my 100th post for feedback/ ideas/suggestions.. I'd especially love to hear about which has been your favorite post/posts ..
and this implies to all those who read and never comment, you know who you are and i know you can do it, just this once ;)
and to all those who read and comment ,this implies, Thank you and I know I can count on you to continue doing it :)


  1. Cant hide the excitement that I get to comment first... ( i know I sound soo lame)
    But a biiiig Congrats to my favourite blogger on this whole wide earth!.. Im secretly wishing you hit 100 followers by 21st :))

    As far as picking out my fav post, is almost like saying "which is your fav book?"
    There's no single one. but having said that I do want tos ay that your posts on relationships, love and friendship really hit a chord. And the travelogues are such vicarious fun for me.. And.. Oh chuck it! I love every bit of your writing.. Keep it going.. Someday I hope I can write with such flow too..
    Love you! Happy Blogging sweetheart :)

  2. Bravo Priya ..your first century! and like Sachin(tendulkar I mean)I hope you go on to write many more.

    I just love the way you write...straight from the heart...and you definitely have a way with words.I feel immensely proud of you.

    The ones that brought tears to my eyes..I guess they were my favourite ones and they happened to be quite a few.Keeep going and happy blogging.

  3. Congrats on the 100th post. 100 in a year is not bad, it took me way longer to get there.

  4. Congratulations. I think the only reason I made 150 so fast (since Oct) was because I have completed two and am partway through my third NaBloPoMo.

    I'm glad you are having fun blogging.

  5. Congrats on your 100th post! Hope there are many many more to come :-)

  6. CONGRATS!!! :)

    Following your from New Friend Friday!

  7. congrats on the 100th post and the blogoversary!
    i used to be worried about followers, too. never took the time to figure out clicks, etc. but i found that i just write about whatever i feel like writing about whenever i feel like it. i've started to follow a few topics on certain days of the week, but i try not to beat myself up if i miss one. or two. i mean, i do go on holidays sometimes!
    i also try to keep in mind that we all live in a fishbowl - everyone can see and read what you're saying. so i never post anything that i wouldn't want my mom to see or read, and never anything hurtful.
    so that, and.....reading and commenting on other blogs. i've met some wonderful people through blogs :)

  8. Hey sis congrats u for completing century.... u hav always been my my fvt blogger coz nobody (kyonki main kisi ka blog padhta nahin) compelled me to read so much as u did and become ur follower...... but u have always been my ideal for understanding the things........and i totally agree with mam regarding the way u write... u also know that i am not very gd at xpressing my self but thoda bahut jo bhi sikah hai vo tumhi se seekha hai....HATS OFF TO U SIS.... continue the gud work... and my fvt post was ur ummmm....all the post....keep blogging......

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  10. @ Jassu ..thanks baby ..you always are the first to comment and be there..you're my sistah friend ..love you

    @ Mom ..thanks ....muaaaaaaaah !!

    @ Samnhal ..thanks for the encouragement ..I have to visit your blog too ..

    @ E ..you're absolutely right ..the one month i did it ..i ended up writing 34 posts myself ..

    @ Bustedkate ..thanks a bunch ..you're a great inspiration :)

    @ Alililly ..Thanks for the follow ..i am going to follow you right back ..

    @ Alex ..Absolutely agree with you ..the trick is to not worry ;)

    @ Misri ..thanks Brother ..you're the best too ( as if i have a choice ;) hahahahaha :D

    @ Josh ..thanks and will surely check it out !



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