05 February 2014

# Love Bytes # Motherhood

Love Byte #3 - Love is that first heart beat !

There's no way I can explain it except that the very first time you get to hear your baby's heart beat , its SURRRRRREAL !!!
                                                                                             Image via Google
All firsts are memorable but this first it is pretty damn spectacular .. it's a ONCE in a lifetime , take your breath away kind of moment and it still gives me the goose bumps every single time !! What made this occasion even more momentous was timing it with the husband's birthday ..I know I'm never going to be able to top that gift but every birthday will be such a joyous reminder of that deliriously happy first time we whispered hello to our lil one ,
such a joyous reminder to me to remind the husband :P


  1. totally hear u! i wondered for weeks why i could feel my hear beat in my stomach and then it finally hit me that it wasnt mine it was the baby girls! so shocking and nice

  2. Now that is one gift no man can top ;)
    Way to go sneaky planning-it-well mommy!


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