06 November 2013

# First birthday

A year ago I had a lil boy

Time has had wings this past year ..it does only seem like yesterday when he was born and yet it seems like forever .. The days have been long , the nights longer and still the year feels shorter .. Shortest than any year I've lived , but it's been the craziest and the happiest ..  It's been magic and madness , giggles and worries , firsts and lasts ..it's been beyond rewarding and yet sometimes annoying .. It's been a gamut of emotions  , a whole new world of possibilities and experiences .. It's becoming a mother , a parent ..knowing and feeling a love like no other !
I could go on an on but I want to share a poem I read awhile back , edited a bit and saved it for my baby's 'one'derful day ..echoes my sentiments completely !! 

My love , you are one today
And learning so very much ,
There's nothing in this house ,
That you don't want to touch ! 
Your fingerprints are evident , 
In every single place 
Along with that mischievous smile 
On your naughty lil face ! 
You've made our lives complete 
In each and every way 
You alone gladden my heart
And brighten every single day ! 
You are our special lil boy , 
We can't wait to watch your life unfold 
Have a happy birthday 
Today you're one year old !! 


  1. What a wonderful journey it must have been for you Priya! This is a beautiful poem, and I wish you several more such moments of joy. but more than that I wish you strength and courage my friend, for continuing to do the splendid and challenging job of raising a child, and doing it with such gusto and grace.
    God bless you, you make an awesome Mom!

  2. Very well written as usual Priya! and you summed up every emotion so succinctly....thats the joy and love children bring into our lives.Lots of love to Yannick and to both of you -- such wonderful parents!

  3. My blessings to Yannick on his 1st Birthday.May his life be full of happiness,success and cheer.... and the years ahead bring Yannick granted wishes and fulfilled dreams.
    I'm sure you are having a blast with Yannick..you would enjoy this journey even more..


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