09 January 2013

New year , new chapter !

Little did I know when I was writing this first post last year , that I was having an epiphany ..
Little did I know that starting a new decade would quite literally become starting a new chapter ;) 

Yes, my blogger family it's with immense pleasure I share the news that our family grew over the past year and we welcomed our lil bundle of joy ..

and to all of you who've waited patiently, checked on me, hoping I'd write someday - thank you and I sincerely hope you're still there because I'm back , suited and booted to blog about this joyous , rewarding , fulfilling , sometimes annoying ,crazy and mostly sleepless/sleep deprived new chapter of motherhood :P

On that note , from our family to yours , I wish you the happiest of New Years .. 
May this year bring in your life all that your heart desires and more :)

Much Love !


  1. I am still here Dear! yay for being back!!!!

  2. Congratulations to you and your family! I'm so happy for you. You will make an absolutely fantastic mum and your lil bundle is so lucky to have you! He's a beautiful lil fellow!

  3. @Claudia - Mi Clau , you're the best friend anyone could have . xoxo

    @Darth Mummy - Awww , thank you for the most beautiful words my friend ..look fwd to this blogging adventure with you !!

  4. Congrats! What wonderful news and what a great excuse for your well deserved absence.

  5. Hey Una , Thanks so much and its so great to hear from you ..hope you're doing good :)


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